Discover your truest self through color, style and beautiful adornment.

For the past 30 years, 

Heather Caswell has been the owner and style curator of The Wardrobe store in downtown Davis and a fashion activist. Heather’s greatest joy is guiding Wardrobe customers to see, express, and reveal their true selves. A ‘costumer of the everyday,’ she brings a “West Coast Style meets European Chic” flavor to women in the greater Davis community.   Her style expertise encourages women to shift from a fashion-based consciousness, relying on what is trendy, to a clothing based consciousness, which becomes an outer expression of inner awareness and beauty.


Heather formed Davis’ first Women’s Heart Health Alliance three year’s ago, helping to raise money and bring awareness of women’s health, including putting UCD design students’ red dresses on display in local stores. As founder of Save Davis, former member of the downtown design committee and a member of the Davis Arts Commission, Heather has been part of the design and community building of downtown Davis for decades. 

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