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Join The Wardrobe's
Style Sisterhood

I have learned to trust Heather when she says something looks good on me. It's a longstanding relationship she builds with people, very much based on tuning in, trust, learning about you and what you like - and still maintaining her objectivity. A trip to the Wardrobe is a way to discover a fresh perspective on your own style amid the impossibly cool textiles and designs by California designers. Heather also supports a lot of women-owned small businesses which I also really appreciate. I've learned that going into The Wardrobe, there is always something new, to try on, to learn, to become inspired by - or to put on my dream list for a special purchase. It's not just a clothing boutique, it's an experience that can be a journey of self-discovery as well. 


White women with grey hair wearing glasses and a grey and black outfit standing under autumn trees

Heather has that stylist "fashion eye" that can put things together that you may not even consider to make a totally, put-together look. I've witnessed this on numerous occasions. 


Asian woman wearing green outfit and blue jacket sitting at a white wire table in front of a boutique shop.

As a new best-selling author in 2014 of the book Warrior Goddess Training I knew that I needed help finding my style. I've been styled by Heather both in person and via zoom, and in both cases she is clear, fun, and sometimes eerily right on with her choices. Her eye and love of clothing is an infectious combination, and she has helped me feel more confident and professional while still feeling like myself.

-Heather Ash

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